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About Us

Starting Early

At Cindy’s Deli in Lehighton, PA, we are proud of the fact that the business was established when our owners were 21 years old – something that has never failed to surprise our customers. One of our owners was an English Education major at East Stroudsburg University, while her friend, Emily was taking up Early Education at Northampton Community College at that time.

How We Started

As the demand for teaching was decreasing, our owners realized that there might be limited jobs for graduates in the field. They decided that taking a chance by opening a delicatessen, which they thought was their best option at that time. The idea started over supper, as they were wondering how well they would fare managing their own business. Both of our owners were already working at small local delis, so they had a pretty clear idea of what they wanted to accomplish.

We wanted to invoke a “small town feeling” in our joint, similar to the corner stores in West End Monroe Country. It has been 7 years since we began this journey, and we look forward to continuing this amazing legacy.

Our Name

Emily’s mother Cindy passed away in 2002 after a lengthy and courageous fight with breast cancer. Her life insurance policy paid for our store, so everything we do here is in honor of her memory.

Cindy is the reason why we wear pink ribbons on our hats and use pink pens. She always had a smile on her face and genuinely cared about everyone, so we made sure to apply her philosophies in our business operations.


Proud Sponsors of the Franklin Township Dodgers

Times News Winner

Something good is cooking in the Lehighton neighborhood.
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